On this World Coconut Day, let’s reflect on the importance of “sustaining the coconut sector for the present and future generations.”

Here’s what you and I can do…

– Promote sustainable farming practices for healthier coconut groves.
– Support local coconut-based businesses for economic growth.
– Raise awareness about the environmental benefits of coconut cultivation.
– Ensure that coconut resources are available for generations to come.

Also, Sri Lanka’s coconut industry currently faces a massive shortage of coconuts to meet the international demand for coconut-based value-added products, such as Coconnut Milk, Coconut Cream and Coconut Oil. Domestically, up to a substantial 60% of a coconut is wasted, despite the industry’s potential to utilize the entirety of a nut. Us Sri Lankans, transitioning towards purchasing value-added products directly from the industry presents a promising opportunity to alleviate this shortage and boost foreign revenue to our country.

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