As a 100% Sri Lankan food brand by Kandetiya Agro Products, Yara has become a
great example in providing chemical free, safe and pure coconut based products of
highest quality to businesses and household usage.

Yara Frozen Grated Coconut

Make your life easier with Yara!

Fresh Coconut is an essential ingredient for Sri Lankan meals. A spicy Sri Lankan Pol Sambol made with fresh coconut, or a thick and creamy potato curry made with delicious coconut milk are foods we never miss out. As much as the taste which coconut adds to our meals, it adds an equal load of extra work on the cook. SCRAPING COCONUT!!!

This is where Yara Frozen Grated Coconut comes in. It is simply a helper, a household friend. A pack of 600 g contains the fresh kernel of 3 matured coconuts, finely grated in hygienic conditions, packed and frozen, ready to land in your kitchen. The best thing about this fresh scraped coconut is that it does not contain any food additives such as preservatives, coloring or sweeteners. Whether it is freshly scraped coconut for a Pol Sambol, or coconut milk for a delicious curry, Yara Frozen Grated Coconut is the best choice for anyone looking for convenience and to save time.

Yara has also introduced a much larger package of 1.2 kg of fresh and frozen scraped coconut for food services such as hotels, restaurants and caterers who have larger requirements of fresh coconut and coconut milk. This pack contains the average amount of 6 finely scraped under hygienic conditions with no added preservatives, sweeteners or colorings and packed and frozen to lock the freshness, ready to be used directly in a spicy Pol Sambol, Mallum or to extract coconut milk for delicious curries.

Yara Coconut Cream

Grow your business with Yara!

Yara Coconut Cream is not just another ordinary coconut cream. This is the product which put Yara’s mother company, Kandetiya Agro Products on the world map and made it Sri Lanka’s No.1 Exporter for Coconut Cream! Yara Coconut Cream has become the choice of a growing clientele of high-end hotel chains, restaurants, and caterers in Sri Lanka to fulfill their needs on high quality coconut milk.

With a BRCGS AA certification, this is a thick, 100% natural coconut cream with an inimitable taste, a good viscosity, a high consistency and with the ability to avoid layer separation at storage temperatures from 4⁰-30⁰C. The most important fact is that these qualities have been achieved without using any additives such as preservatives, coloring, or sweeteners.

Yara Coconut Cream has a 24% fat content and is only available as a Business-to-business commodity. It comes in two packaging. A larger 5 kg packaging for heavy coconut milk users and a smaller 2 kg packaging for businesses with lesser requirements for coconut milk.